Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your questions in the FAQ list below, drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Suitable Surfaces:

As much as we would love for decals to work on every surface in every home, unfortunately they don’t.

Suitable surfaces need to be flat, clean and SMOOTH, i.e. well-painted plasterboard walls which are in good condition, doors, mirrors, metal, tiles, etc.

If you’re not sure about your surface, please email us and we will post you a sample to try out prior to purchasing.

Unsuitable Surfaces:

As much as we would love for decals to work on every surface, unfortunately they don’t.

We use the highest quality removable vinyl specifically manufactured to be gentle to walls with non-permanant adhesive.

Certain paint finishes and wall surfaces will not guarantee adhesion.

Any bumpy or porous surface: rendered concrete walls, rough wood, canvas, bricks and walls painted with specialty textured paints such as “suede” effects.

Even lightly textured surfaces such as orange peel texture can prevent the decals from adhering properly.

If your surface is not in good condition (i.e. not primed before painting, cracking or peeling paint, etc) the decals will not adhere properly and may pull paint off when removed.

“Wash and Wear” paints containing silicone or Teflon, as well as any “low VOC” or “zero VOC” paints should be avoided. These products are designed to repel dirt and stains but in doing so, will also repel adhesive.

If your surface is porous, air can get in behind the vinyl and loosen the adhesive so decals may not adhere as securely.

The key to good application is a well-prepared SMOOTH surface!


Darker paint colours contain more pigment and different chemical components to lighter paints. This means it can take a little more patience to get the decal stuck down properly. They will adhere, but you just need to take more time and care when applying to dark walls.

The same goes for metallic decals: The process of getting the ‘metallic’ feature in the vinyl makes it a little stiffer, so they sometimes will need a little more care in applying and extra pressure when rubbing over with your squeegee (or plastic card) to get them stuck down properly.

If you are unsure of the suitability of your surface, please request a sample to test out prior to purchasing as unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for use on unsuitable surfaces and cannot be held responsible for any damage to surfaces.

How long should I wait after painting?

The manufacturer of the removable vinyl recommends you wait a minimum of 4 weeks after painting to allow the paint enough time to completely cure and “de-gas”.

If you apply decals too soon after painting, the gasses being released by the paint can get stuck behind the decals and loosen the adhesive and the adhesive can also bond with the curing paint making clean removal difficult.

How many do I need?

For the smaller “faux wallpaper” decals, the amount you’ll need will depend on how close together/far apart you’d like them spaced as well as any permanent fixtures on your wall ie: doors, windows etc.

To help you calculate your required quantity, we’ve created two examples showing our 4cm Polka Dots on a 3m wide x 2.4m high wall for reference.

4cm spots layout 3m wide x 2.4m 30cm  4cm spots layout 3m wide x 2.4m 30cm

What are the Vivid Wall Decals made from?

Our wall art decals are die-cut from professional grade (lead chromate free and REACH & RoHS compliant) removable indoor vinyl made in Germany. Our vinyl of choice is specifically engineered to be safe for indoor walls and not cause damage when removed.

The vinyl has a matte finish – the graphic will look as if it is painted onto your wall, rather than a shiny gloss sticker.

Having worked with sign writers for many years, we have tested many different vinyls in our own home and only use the best removable vinyl on the market.

We do not use outdoor quality vinyl as this has permanent or semi-permanent adhesive which will damage your walls on removal.

Our materials are not cheap craft stickers which are sometimes sold as decals, but don’t adhere to walls very effectively and leave residue on removal. We use the same materials commercial sign makers use for indoor jobs, which is specifically engineered to be safe for walls.

We individually die-cut each customer order as a silhouette shape from a solid block of colour and then remove all the “negative” pieces of the graphic so you are only left with the artwork you want to display.

All decals are cut to order by us in Sydney, Australia and not bulk manufactured overseas – EVER!

Word art, detailed silhouettes and the larger decals come pre-prepared with application tape so they are ready for you to install.

Smaller shapes (polka dots, triangles etc) will arrive ready to peel and stick.

Each package also contains detailed application instructions to assist you in applying your wall art.

Will decals work on textured walls?

We recommend you purchase decals for use on SMOOTH surfaces only.

Decals work best on smooth surfaces because the vinyl needs to be able to touch as much surface area as possible, and textured surfaces have too many “high” areas pushing the vinyl away from adhering properly.

Textures and finishes vary so much from wall to wall, so we cannot guarantee a good adhesion on textured walls.

Why are the Vivid Wall Decals different from others on the market?

100% of our wall art decals are cut onsite in Sydney, Australia from commercial grade (lead chromate free and REACH & RoHS compliant) removable indoor vinyl that is imported from Germany and not bulk manufactured from cheap materials overseas – EVER.

We only use the highest quality commercial grade indoor matte vinyl (with non-permanent adhesive) which is specifically manufactured to remove easily without leaving residue behind or damaging your walls.

Being contour cut from the highest quality indoor matte vinyl available, our decals give the appearance of being painted onto the wall rather than a shiny sticker and have no unsightly white background. The “voids” in the decal design will show the wall behind.

Are your decals easy to install myself?

For our smaller decals and the patterns (which will come as separate pieces for your to space out as you like) you will have no problems at all installing them yourself. Just plan out exactly how and where you want your wall art to be placed and have scissors, tape measure, masking tape and plastic card ready to go before you start.

Take a look at our Decal Alignment Tips to see some different alignment methods in action using our smaller “peel and stick” decal patterns.

With any of the medium/large or detailed word art decals, it’s best to have an extra set of hands at the ready to assist you in things like passing the scissors, getting the masking tape organised, holding the decal away from the wall, etc.

For the larger decals, a small sample decal will be included in your package. We recommend you apply this tester first to familiarise yourself with both the product and the application instructions.

YouTube has LOADS of videos showing real-time application tips – just search “apply vinyl wall decal”

Can you produce my business logo/elements as decals?


If you would like your business logo or branding elements made into removable decals, we just need the vector EPS file with all fonts outlined.

As the decals are die-cut from rolls of solid colour (as apposed to being multi-colour printed onto white) the design of your logo will determine if this is possible. Here’s a link to the colours available: COLOUR CHART

We can also create custom word art for workplaces – industry related or purely inspirational!

How long will the decals last?

The manufacturer states 3yrs for indoors use.

Are the decals reusable?

No, our vinyl decals are easily removable but not reusable. Please take your time when applying them in the correct position so as not to rip if you try to pull them off to move.

How long do they take to make?

Our decals are custom cut to your specific order and dispatched within 2 business days. (Except the Jumbo triangles these can take up to 5 days to produce)

Depending on your shipping option and your location,  delivery within Australia can take up to 10 days via Australia Post.

If you need your order for a specific date (someone’s birthday present etc) please just drop us an email and we can let you know a more accurate delivery estimate and do our best on getting your order to you on time.

How do I remove my decals?

Provided your walls are in good condition prior to application, our vinyl decals will remove easily without damaging your paintwork.

However if your walls were not properly prepared prior to application, we cannot guarantee optimal removal.

Starting from one corner (the narrowest point of shape is usually easiest), slowly and carefully peel the vinyl away from the surface keeping as close to the surface as possible (i.e.: try rolling the decal back onto itself along the wall, not pulling out from the wall).

If you are feeling resistance when pulling the vinyl, try applying LOW heat with a hairdryer and then try again.

Decals will come off easier in the warmer weather.

Tips for Using Wall Decals

One of our lovely long-time customers, Ness from Four Cheeky Monkeys, has written some great tips on her experiences using decals:

Tips for using wall decals